Is this the Best STEM Education Website for Children?

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Is this the Best STEM Education Website for Children?

Approximately 10-15% of our users are students or parents of students who are looking for better education opportunities. A majority seem dissatisfied with most learning apps that are proliferating in the country, and looking for something that makes learning ‘fun’.

‘Fun’ may be a strange word to use while talking of education but the people who take education and learning as fun are the ones who go on to achieve greater things. They get the best jobs, command the best pay packages and go on to become industry and even global leaders.

A question that we keep pondering on all the time is: ‘how to help our users better’ and when it comes to education, one thing we decided to do was to help children and parents find better education and learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

We searched a bit, researched a bit more and read reviews a lot more, and came up with a few websites that we will be sharing with our readers.

To be honest, we came across quite a few good ones but among all, there was one site that made us go, “WOW”. We are not easily impressed. But we were blown over by this website.

When it comes to STEM education, we think few, if any, have done it better than Brilliant.

The website offers courses on:

  • Foundational math
  • Software development
  • Science
  • Foundational logic
  • Data science
  • High school math
  • Engineering, and
  • Statistics and finance

You may ask why that makes it better. And the answer is the way the courses have been designed. They are all interactive, with the site rightly focusing on a key adage that should find more takers: Learn to think.

You get hands-on learning experience. As the website says: you’ll get to see concepts visually, interact with key ideas, and solve challenging problems that get you to really think.’

The Teachers and the Researchers

The courses are designed by award-winning teachers, researchers and professionals from esteemed institutions such as MIT, Caltech and Duke University and companies such as Microsoft and Google, among others.

At first, we said, ‘so what?’ Most of the educators at the top websites and apps have pedigrees a mile long. We were not that impressed.

Then we saw what the people at Brilliant have designed. This was the time we had our second ‘WOW’ moment.

Why we Recommend Brilliant

There are 4 reasons why we recommend Brilliant:

#1: The courses blow your mind

Visual understanding, game-like interactions, focus on hands-on lessons rather than lecture videos. You have to see the courses to believe what an exceptional thing the minds at Brilliant have done

#2: Focus is on mastering and not mugging up

The focus is on mastering and not memorising which is the need of the hour in an ever-changing world

#3: It already has a Large User Base

Over 9 million people from around the world use Brilliant to learn. This makes it reliable with probably better content than you are likely to get elsewhere

#4: It is Not Costly

We did not check the price for quite some time, so engrossed had we become in exploring the courses. When we did, we had a jaw-drop moment. It offers access to all the courses for:

  • Rs 959 per month for three months. This means you spend Rs 2,877 for access to everything. This is much less than the price some other platforms charge
  • Rs 499 per month for the annual plan. This comes to Rs 5,988 (a steal that you will realise much much later)
  • The site also offers a 3-people plan for approx. Rs 12,060. This is ideal if you learn in groups

All premium courses offer these features:

  • New problems every day
  • Access to the entire Daily Challenges archive
  • Synced progress across web and mobile apps
  • Offline mode on mobile apps – this makes it great for spotty network places
  • Guided courses, which include:
    • Foundational math courses
    • Advanced math courses
    • Science courses
    • Computer science courses

Moreover, you get 20% off if you use this link to sign up: Link to sign up at Brilliant.

But the best thing about Brilliant? It can be used by everyone: from 10-year old children and college students to adults and professionals.

Whatever you do, check it out. You will be impressed.

A note: the links are affiliate links but the recommendation is 100% fact-based and given after detailed research. The site is as its name says: Brilliant.

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