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Evolution U Programme – The First Thing You Know About Meditation is False. Reality is Different

How many times have you heard someone espouse MEDITATION as a Cure-All for every internal struggle you face?

Quite a few, right?

Unfortunately, it is not true. At least, not completely.

To understand why you need to realise that Meditation is an ancient practice.

Meditation was discovered/invented/gifted thousands of years back at a time when people were manual labourers. Our ancestors were mostly farmers, weavers, blacksmiths or soldiers and did not need much mental acuity to do their work.

Someone who did manual labour and lived in stressful political and socioeconomic conditions during the past needed meditation to keep one’s hopes alive for a better tomorrow.

The wise recommended it and our ancestors practised it and found peace.

But now?

Most of us are knowledge workers.

You concentrate on your work to do it well.

The ubiquitous smartphone gives even the manual worker’s mind enough fodder to keep it occupied.

Research shows that when you are fully engrossed in work or play, you reach a mental state called a Flow State. You forget about time, you forget the world. Your only focus is your work.

You are essentially meditating.

Now the question that comes is, ‘why then, do you feel stress if you are meditating when you work?’ Meditation is supposed to make you stress-free, right?

The answer is:

This is because stress is a result of external events while focussed mental work or flow state happens due to your internal thoughts, or lack of them.

Maybe you think an enlightened person is free from stress?

That is not true, despite what they may tell you on TV, books or YouTube.

Think what will happen when an enlightened person is happily meditating and you swat them on the head with a newspaper.

It is highly unlikely they will slowly open their eyes and give you a beatific smile and say, ‘Thank you’.

So, next time, someone espouses Meditation as a Cure-All remedy for all your stress, you can choose to work on something that you like or simply watch a happy show.

Does it mean Meditation is not essential?

Not at all. It is very much essential. This is because unlike before when your ancestors lead slower lives, you are now always running from deadline to deadline.

You need to calm your mind sometimes outside of work and play.

But there are other ways to meditate than simply closing your eyes and focusing on something.

Simply being mindful of the world around you is also meditation.

Essentially, what i am trying to tell you is this:

You have one life of 100-120 years in a trillion or more years of existence.

Choose to do what makes you happy and live a satisfying life. No one else has a right to decide what works for you, what you should do, how you should live.

Meditation, 9-5, WFH, marathons, yoga, healthy food, snacks, mobile games… you decide. It is your life. Not someone else’s, no matter who well-intended the advice is.

Just keep in mind the proverb that ‘too much of anything is bad’, and you will be fine.

In case you were feeling a bit miffed by today’s topic as you believe focussed work or watching a happy movie is not meditation, then you may be suffering from Confirmation Bias. And as i mentioned last week, if you don’t think you have Cognitive Bias, then it is 100% certain you have it.

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