How Much Do You Need to Join the Top 1% Income Group in India?

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Would you like to join the top 1% income bracket or the richest people in the country?

Do you know you can?

Do you know how much you will need?

Here are the numbers.

First, a disclaimer: our research shows up different numbers. I will be taking the highest amounts from this research. This is to ensure you definitely know how much you need to be in the top 1%.

According to the research data, to be in the top 1% of the income bracket to be among the richest Indians, you need to have an annual household income of approx. Rs 69 lakh. For ease of reference, let’s say it is Rs 70 lakh.

Adjust this Rs 70 lakh for an average 7% per annum inflation rate, and you will be able to calculate how much you will need year on year from now on.

If you and your spouse earn more than this 70 lakh, then Congratulations. If not, then read on.

To be in the top 10% income bracket of Indians, you need to have a household income of approx. Rs 10.5 lakh. Again, for ease of reference, make it Rs 11 lakh.

This means if you earn, say, Rs. 5 lakh and your spouse earns, say, Rs. 6 lakh, your household is in the richest 10% of Indians bracket.

Now the BIG QUESTION: Would you like to be in the top 1%?

Of course, you do. Everybody does. Especially the ones who say, wealth is meaningless. Tell them you will give them Rs 5,000 for free each month and see what they say after a few feeble no-no’s.

Now, the steps to get there need more than this post. However, i can tell you this: the first thing you have to change to get to the 1% bracket, is your mindset or how you approach life.

Most of us live the life that is handed to us. You will never join the 1% like this. You have to take charge of your life to go from the 10% slab to the 1% bracket.

This does not mean becoming a person you do not like. It means becoming the best you can become. Despite what you may think and what the world may tell you, you have hidden superpowers inside you. You do not know of them because you haven’t asked yourself the right questions. You need to know how to tap those superpowers.

You may have understood and worn the outer garments of wealth like clothes, the latest smartphone, even a posh house, etc.

But remember: These things make you feel wealthy but do not make you wealthy.

The first thing you need to do to join the 1% is to augment your mindset and your skills. For skills, refer to this page where we have listed different programmes that you can use to grow your skills. This page gives you the starting blocks to increase your income. Each of those courses has been checked for quality. Go to the page and pick a skill you want to learn.

To augment your mindset, we have brought you the Evolution U programme.

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