Different Types of Small Business Loans Offered by CSB Bank

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Small Business Loans from CSB Bank

Types of MSME loan schemes offered by CSB Bank

CSB Bank, previously known as Catholic Syrian Bank, is one of the fast-growing private sector banks in India. Founded in 1920, it is one of the oldest Indian banks too. It is headquartered in Thrissur (Kerala) and has over 450 domestic branches across the country. The bank specialises in offering financial services and products to large, mid-sized, SME and retail businesses as well as retail customers.

The bank offers different small business loans to MSME units. We look at 4 of them.

CSB Bank Working Capital Finance

This lending scheme is designed to help small businesses get funds for running their day-to-day business operations from the purchase of raw materials to salary payments. This is the perfect loan scheme for business entities that need financial assistance during periods of reduced business activity. Seasonal businesses can also benefit from working capital loan facilities offered by the bank. CSB Bank also extends this scheme as a cash credit or overdraft facility.

CSB Bank Term Loan

The CSB Bank term loan helps MSME businesses carry out different business activities in the long term. This means that the borrowers can use the funds from this loan for acquiring assets and other business expansion needs. All projects that are technically feasible and directly related to the growth and expansion of the business are eligible for this loan.

CSB Bank Bill Discounting Loan

If you want to avail a loan against the purchase of bills, advance against bills, discount of bills, etc. for trade-related transactions the CSB Bank Bill Discounting Loan is the right match for you. CSB Bank offers advances against inland bills, receipts, DDs and cheques in the form of limit for purchase of bills, advance against bills or discount of bills for genuine trade-related transactions. The repayment period of the loan is set on a case-to-case basis depending on various factors.

CSB Bank Import/Export Finance

SME businesses in the trading sector may need funds at pre-shipment or post-shipment stages for different business activities. Small trade businesses may get funds for these activities ranging from sourcing or importing raw materials to manufacturing or exporting goods under the CSB Bank Import/Export Finance scheme. The bank extends this loan in Indian currency as well as major foreign currencies.

A Final Word

Now you know about the different types of MSME loans offered by CSB Bank. If you are wondering about small business loans offered by other banks to find a suitable option, we suggest checking out our MSME loans page where we have covered small business loans offered by major Indian banks.

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