India’s First Comprehensive Education Loan Guide Updated and Revised

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The revised and updated Education Loan Guide is now available.

This is India’s First Comprehensive Education Loan Guide. You can find 100+ loans from the Top 30 Indian Banks.

Discover the Best Education Loans in India

You will find:

  • The Education Loans with the Lowest Interest Rates (read why low interest rates are important below)
  • Details of loans that give you larger amounts. We have covered both Secured and Unsecured Loans
  • Details of Unsecured Education Loans (read what are unsecured education loans below) for Indian and Foreign Premier Institutions


Why Low Interest Rates are Important?

Did you know a 15-year Rs. 10 lakh loan at 11% means you lose Rs. 10+ lakh in interest? Or that by simply reducing interest by 2.0% means you will save Rs. 2.2 lakh? Rs. 2.2 lakh can be used to make a down payment for a house. It is that huge amount of money. Our guide helps you find which banks offer the best interest rates

What are Unsecured Education Loans?

In case you did not know, Unsecured Education Loans are those that do not need any security. This means you don’t need to offer any property, LIC insurance or other company insurance policy, National Savings Certificates, Kisan Vikas Patras or Shares of Major Publicly Listed Companies as security (called collateral).

Coverage of the Indian Education Loans Guide

Here is a summary of what we have covered:

  • Loans for Management Quota
  • Loans for Technical Studies
  • Loans for IITs, IIMs, NITs, ISBs and Other Premier Institutes in India
  • Loans for Premier and Non-Premier Institutes
  • Loans for Foreign Courses for Higher Studies
  • Loans for Special Courses for special category of applicants
  • Loans for Coaching Classes for school students or higher study aspirants
  • Loans for Working Professionals
  • Loans for Flying Classes for upcoming pilots
  • Loans for Shipping Courses
  • And many more

You can go to this link to get the revised versions: CLICK HERE.

How the Indian Education Loans Guide Helps

  • You Stop Wasting Money Trying to Get the Right Loan
  • You Stop Wasting Time Running from Bank to Bank
  • You Stop Getting Hassled, Stressed and Endlessly Worrying

Learn What the Top 30 Banks Offer

  • Save money, time and hassles before applying and after you start to pay it off
  • Stop getting out of college laden with soul-crushing debt.
  • Know how much you should pay, how much interest you can get, and other details
  • Don’t miss the fine print of the loan agreement that always trip applicants

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