These Programmes Help You Double and Even Triple Your Salary in Less Than a Year

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These Programmes Help You Double and Even Triple Your Salary in Less Than a Year

Here are some of the top programmes from leading platforms to help you go from Rs 6 LPA to Rs 12-20 LPA in less than a year.

Note: these are affiliate links but each recommendation has been given after detailed checks.

Blockchain Council:

To Learn Everything You Want About the Technology Behind Crypto, DeFi and More

If you follow what the experts are saying or what the world’s top countries are doing, you know blockchain is the future. Blockchain Council brings you a host of certifications.

You can check out what they offer like the Certified Blockchain Architect Certification. Here you can craft the guidelines and structure of the whole blockchain system.

Blockchain Council gives you discounts on its certifications. For instance, the Blockchain Certifications for both tech and non-tech people is now available at 10% off with the coupon code below.

Click here: 10% off on Blockchain Certifications. Coupon Code – blockchain10


The Place to Get All Courses You Need

Coursera offers the top programmes in software, management, finance, marketing and more. From introductory courses for beginners such as students and people looking for a new career to advanced certifications and programmes, this site can be called the motherlode of everything you will need to double and even triple your salary in less than a year.

Coursera is currently offering a referral programme where if you refer a friend you’ll both get 50% off a course or the first month of a Specialization subscription when your friend makes their first purchase.

Even if you don’t take up the Specializations, the site offers Professional Certificates, Course Certificates and Guided Projects. It even has an annual subscription called Coursera Plus.

It even has some quirky but interesting courses like the one we found on creating a more eco-friendly home and surroundings called Urban Nature: Connecting Cities, Nature and Innovation.


Another Site Where You Get Nearly Everything to Double and Even Triple Your Salary in Less Than a Year

Like Coursera, Udemy needs no introduction. We bring you a list of courses that will help you increase your salary and even start you on a new career if you wish.

Full-Stack Web Development For Beginners: There is a spurt in web development as newer technologies (and advances in established ones) make being a web stack developer a very in-demand employee. If you are looking for a low budget course, you cannot go wrong with this course. It is priced at Rs 525-700 after discount and is over 36 hours long. Click here to check the course.

FULL-STACK Web Development: Another web stack developer course though considerably shorter at approx. 3 hours. In this course, you get to learn HTML5, CSS3, PHP7, SQL, JavaScript and MySQL, which are more than enough to get you started and established in this space. The course is available for Rs 700 after discount. Click here to check this short course.


To Increase Your Understanding of Your Subject

It may seem surprising that we are including this website, but we have not seen any site that can beat Brilliant in gamification and simplification of core subjects that you need to know if you want to think of a career long-term. We are big fans of Khan Academy but Brilliant does a lot of what Khan Academy does but much better.

Its tag line is ‘Learn to Think’ which embodies what it has done with complex subjects and made them easier for you to understand and master. The 3-month package starts from Rs 959 a month while the annual package starts from Rs 500 per month. Click here to check out why it is our no. 1 pick for youngsters.

Looking at the number of positive reviews it has received from youngsters to adults, this is one site we recommend to all.

These are just a few of the courses you can take. We will bring you more over the next weeks.

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