The Finance Dragon Partner Programme: For Those Looking for a Credible Side Income Opportunity

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The Finance Dragon Partner Programme: For Those Looking for a Credible No-Cost Side Income Opportunity

The Finance Dragon Partner Programme is a credible no-cost opportunity for anyone over 18 years to build a sizeable side income business by helping people apply for business or personal loans, health insurance and life insurance and investments.

We have designed it as a one-stop financial solution that will help you offer the complete range of financial solutions to your customers.

We bring you access to over 40 banks and financial institutions, insurance companies and investment platforms under a single roof.

This means you don’t have to become a partner with different banks / FIs and pay their fees and charges – which can add up to a sizeable investment.

The best thing is that unlike other programmes where your earnings vary depending on the size of the loan or insurance premium, here you get fixed earnings, which range from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000.

This is an exceptional reward system considering that you can help the person apply for a loan of even Rs. 50,000 or the basic health or life insurance policy and earn your commission.

There are No Limits on How Much You Can Earn

Know anyone who bought a house, a car, a fridge, a TV, an AC, etc. on EMI recently? You could have earned from their loans. Know anyone who had excess medical or healthcare bills? They can benefit from health insurance.

With us, you can earn as much as you want. The best part is that you don’t have to work 8 hours a day. You choose your work time, it may be half an hour every day or 2-3 hours on the weekend or evenings or any other time commitment that suits you.


You get complimentary soft copies of personalised visiting cards, brand building guides, sales methodologies and guidelines and more.

You also become eligible for any programmes that come up for sales, training or personal development.

Why the Programme?

Finance Dragon was created to help people with financial awareness and empowerment. This programme is a continuation of our vision to help people build up a retirement corpus in 10-12 years through smarter earning opportunities and investments.

For more information, visit this link: Finance Dragon Partner Programme

For any queries, reach out to us at hello[at]financedragon.com.

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